Why We’re Different

Our Approach

We understand that you have hundreds of law firms to choose from to help you with your legal needs. Brattain Minnix Garcia’s success has not only been founded on getting our clients the best results, but also by working closely with them in a collaborative manner that ensures they always understand what’s going on and why certain decisions are being made. There is no worse feeling than being left in the dark, and we understand that. The attorneys at Brattain Minnix Garcia will make sure you understand exactly what is happening in your case, and will be available to meet or talk to you about your case whenever you have questions or concerns. We do not advertise on the internet, tv or on billboards. Instead, we rely on satisfied clients to pass our name along by word-of-mouth. The only way our firm stays successful is by making sure our clients receive top-notch legal representation and advice with a focus on client understanding and involvement.